The Media We Want?

Blog Entry #2: The Media We Want?

                Do we get the media we want? Possibly not. Every day, I always see various commercials advertising on television at different time periods. Large companies like Coca Cola, Pepsi or Pizza Hut spend millions of dollars advertising their products during the Super Bowl commercials. Most audiences do not care what is shown on the commercials; our main focus is on the NFL game. The media could possibly be owned and controlled by certain groups as the author has stated, “business managers who are concerned primarily with the need for the media to make profits” Media & Society page 37. These people have the power – financially – to influence the audiences to buy their products. Audiences do not have any choice to see or get what is shown on their television. Another reason why I think the media is continually using the same tactics to interpret the information we see on television is because the majority of the viewers have already accepted this as the norm.

Most viewers just don’t care how the media industry behaves. The only time the media can get our attention is for example, if Justin Timberlake cheated on Jessica Biel or Morgan Freeman is running for the 2016 United States presidential election. What the media is portraying to audiences is that we must accept what they show us on television. If audiences dislike it, most of us will probably switch to other channels.

                Also, the media is now portraying that people need to be globally environmental friendly by encouraging us to purchase green products, hybrid vehicles or follow the 3R’s (Recycle, Reuse, and Reduce). But, on the other hand, the author had stated, “Media advertising encourages us to buy over-packaged, over-processed products that damage the environment causing waste and pollution in the process of their production and consumption” Media & Society page 39. For example, General Motors is advertising their high-end 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray. However, GM is heading in the wrong direction when they try to advertise to consumers to purchase a gas-guzzler vehicle instead of an electric/gas vehicle. In addition, Apple Corp just recently introduced their brand new products the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. Guess what? Many apple fans already purchased their iPhone 5 ten months ago.

In reality, what the media shows us is not always the truth. The mass media is interpreting the information in more friendly-users concepts in which the potential buyers will accept their ideas.      


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